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Shameless rip-off

A lovely crafty gal pal popped over for a seaside visit last week and mentioned an idea she'd seen and couldn't wait to try.  I have shamelessly stolen the idea and tried it myself and am very much enamoured with the result.  Knitting needle bangles.  Not original I know, but they really are very charming and sweet.  I trotted off to my second-hand mecca - Emmaus of Hastings (a whole corner of the charity superstore is home to the craft supplies of deceased old ladies, and an utter treasure trove of wool, needles, bias binding and fabric) grabbed a few lone, plastic knitting needles and set the family to work. Here's our how to:

1. boil up some water in the widest pan you have
2. drop lone needles in (one at a time is best unless you are an octopus)
3. whip out after 20 secs or so with tongs and bend in to a circle
4. hold in a bowl of cold water until cool, you'll probably find that the ends want to spring apart so...
5. bind ends together tightly with anything (I used wool) and drop back in hot water for another 10 secs
6. whip out and drop in cold water until cool
7. ta daa!


  1. What a clever idea! I love the look of the knitting needle bangles (and like your choice of red). Have a few spare old needles picked up at car boot sales when we lived in England. Shall certainly be giving this a try. Thanks for sharing the idea!

  2. Sadly I can't take any credit for the idea, but thank you! Would love to see some pics when you've given it a go, email me at if you want to! mxxx