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crochet shrug - actual instructions

It was lazy of me not to get more specific on my last post, so while I can't tell you how long or tall to make a shrug (as I don't know how broad or slender all you lovelies are) I can at least show you the stitch I used and the beautiful book I got it from.  Now I don't work to things like yarn sizes and needle sizes, I like to keep it freestyle, so I chose a big needle for a not so big thread (after a lot of trial and error which is how I do EVERYTHING) as I wanted a loose/open weave.  Apparently the stitch is called an 'open scallop' and if you really want to know, and the photos aren't enough, let me know and I'll type out the instructions, but failing that, this book is defo worth the purchase - it's pretty and clear, what else do you need?  Still too lazy?!


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