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Having been learning how to make clothes as part of my master plan to take over the world, I thought I should also attempt to crochet some.  This is from a super easy peasy circle shrug pattern I found here, I'm afraid I can't remember if you need to be a member or not, but I never pay for anything so if you do, at least it'll be free!  I didn't follow their stitch but picked a pretty one from my amazing crochet stitch bible, that was simple and worked up quickly.  I'll put the full on instructions on, but to summarise:

easy peasy shrug
1. find a stitch you like
2. make a rectangle with it the width of you shoulders (plus some for sleeves)
3. keep going until it at least fits around your upper arms when each, long edge is touching
4. sew ends together (it's IMPOSSIBLE to describe this with words, just look at the photos and hopefully you'll get the idea)

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