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This week the summer hols was starting to get to me.  The littlest has come down with the pox, we are now housebound and all the fun, super-mum style activities have long been used up in the early weeks of the holidays.  but then, something happened that changed all that.

Today a freaking GORGEOUS surprise turned up at my door, one of the new 'Crochyay!' boxes.  Here's how they work: you pay a monthly subscription, they send you a surprise box of crochet treats with patterns each month, full of yarn and makes form all sorts of excellent designers and companies. 'Crochyay!' have a very bold, contemporary style (think geometrics, monochrome, you get me?), and this month was a super cool ice cream make, and a chunky yarn bracelet.

So far, so crochet, but look, we all know I'm a complete yarn junky, but I also have a lesser know,  massively inappropriate stationary fetish. The packaging, paper and stickers in this box of wonder are to DIE for.  I mean really.  I would buy it just to squeak over the tissue paper, it literally brought me out in hot flushes.  Totally check them out, it's a proper treat and has totally made my day!


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