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Getting Technical

Hello ladybirds, one of the things you learn during teacher training is that people take things in, in different ways and at different times.  So to support the students on my current course, I've been making vlogs of the techniques and patterns we're following each lesson.  They're all there for you to access too, from the very beginning (it still doesn't quite match up tp being in an actual lesson, where you get proper guidance on things you don't understand, and helpful hints and pointers, but it's a pretty good start).

This weeks lesson is going to incorporate how to make a magic ring.  This is one of the single, most useful things I ever learned, and as a result it has a video all to itself.  It is quite technical to master, and definitely takes a few goes, but it's really worth sticking with.  Here you go: How to Make a Magic Ring.

p.s. everyone asks about this yarn!  It's Debbie Bliss 'Cleo', it's super easy to work with and gives great definition.


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