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Loveheart Granny Square

The Beginners Guide to Crochet Course that I'm currently teaching is nearing the half-way mark.  This weeks session is a lesson in how to change colours and work over your ends so you don't have to spend FOREVER sewing them in.  Honestly, it's so demoralising when you get to the end of a blanket and have another 3 hours worth of tails to sew in.  So even if you know the basics, there may still be some snippets of info that you can benefit from by having a quick look - and don't be afriad of skipping through things you already know, or pausing and rewinding the bits that you don't!

It's also an excellent excuse to jump on the 'loveheart-granny' bandwagon. This is such a simple design, but as with most simple designs, it's one of the best.  So for a full 'how to' make a heart granny square, it's right here.

I will apologise up front for the lack of professionalism of the production - no, I still haven't nailed that!  Although, I am MUCH less terrified in front of the camera now, and am finding it easier to talk through and explain the techniques and steps without feeling like my tongue and fingers are made of plasticine.  So anyone that is thinking of taking this route - practice is clearly the way forward!


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