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It's been an absolute whirlwind of crochet madness over at Steel&Stitch Towers for the last few months.  There are collaborations commissions, interviews, articles you name it.   Remember when I quit the day job 8 months ago to see if I could make this crochet thing work?  Well, right now, it couldn't be going better.  One really exciting collaboration that has come about through the wonder of Instagram, is with LoveCrochet.

If you're not familiar with their website, get on over there!  It's a really amazing resource for all things crochet - patterns, yarns, how to's, makers, books, CAL's, you name it.  They've managed to build this completely accessible crochet community, that's feels really personal and totally shows a love for the craft.

For October I'll be doing a free, Halloween tutorial for them (and you), and getting my minimalist, yarn porn mitts all over their IG account.  I'm so excited!

Just as an aside, if you think you've got a chance at following your craft dreams, take them.  It might be completely amazing, even just for a week, and that is the best feeling ever.

Here are a few outtakes of some pics I've done for them :)


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