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How to Make Money from Crochet - Part III

Ok, so there's probably going to be 2 more parts to this, and then hopefully I can draw up a list of sensible conclusions, summarise them and have that handy, neat little list I couldn't work out in the first post.
I must have sold my first pattern on Etsy about three years ago, and although I didn’t act on it for a couple of years (what with children turning up and businesses to open) it definitely gave me a lot of confidence in my making.  Every time I made something else for the boys, I’d write it up and put it on there, and it all pottered along very gently, but continuously, and all I’d need to do was send an email or relist the pattern.  I also started this blog at the same time, I’m only now getting involved with the blogging community and understanding the potential of a space like this, but for ages I’ve used it to share patterns that I wasn’t comfortable selling (from TV show and things), and as a handy way to get people to come over and look at the stuff for sale on the Etsy shop.
I had the extreme good fortune a couple of years ago to meet foodwriter and photographer Alastair Hendy.  I helped him set up and open his very beautiful concept shop and kitchen, and manage his Elizabethan house that is open to the public a couple of times a year.  I learned such an enormous amount from him with regards to photography – how to use natural light, styling, you name it, it’s been invaluable, and you’ll see straight away in the pics below which were taken BA (before Alastair) and which are taken AA (After Alastair).  The other thing he gave me was an insight in how to work successfully as a creative person.  
1. He values his time and isn’t afraid to say what he’s worth

2. He doesn’t do just one thing, he does lots of things – photography, writing, styling, cooking

3. He isn’t afraid of approaching someone with an idea, whether it’s for a book or an article or anything

4. He sticks to his aesthetic – he doesn’t water things down to be ‘commercial’, he follows his creative vision
It was the experience of working with him (and the fact that he made it look effortlessly easy) that gave me the confidence to think I could write a book.  I had enough crochet patterns to form a collection of children’s dress-up, I just needed to find someone to ask.
 A 'BA' pic, you can REALLY see the difference!


  1. My photography really sucks, I could do with an Alastair in my life!

  2. Natural light - but not direct sun, and take the time to get it right! It's definitely worth investing time in :)

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