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Vintage Button Cufflinks

My favourite makes are always those little bursts of inspiration born out of necessity.  At the shop recently, in a 30's dress shirt, minus cufflinks I had to think of something to stop the coal dust messing up my shirt cuffs.  To hand I had some vintage buttons and a ball of string.  This is how to make some vintage cufflinks...

You need:
4 buttons (2 of which fit through your button holes
some string

1. cut a length if string about 6" long
2. take a button, thread the string through keeping a good length in hand
3. thread the long end through another button
4. tie in a reef knot so buttons are around 1/2" apart, trim ends
5. make another one

That's it. 


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  1. The idea of wearing stylish and different cufflinks that demonstrate one’s interest is an out of the box dressing tip. I am surely going to try out these one.