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absence makes the heart grow fonder

So sorry for such a long silence, we've had a whole host of things going on including funerals and the like, and finally getting back to some sort of normality.  Here's a free little pattern as a thank you for your patience and is just about the cutest lil thing.  I wanted to wear some heather from my garden, so whipped up a little basket pendant to go on the end of a chain.  Right pleased with the result...

Free crochet basket pendant pattern

thin wool or string I'm thinking, 3mm hook...

1. mr 6
2. 2 sc in each - 12
3. *2 sc, then sc in the next stitch * around - 18
4. sc in the inside loop only all the way around - 18
5. then regular sc and keep going until you have the basket the height you want
6. ch 6 then sc in the next stitch to make a little loop
7. sc 4 more stitches then sl st and sew in ends.
8. pick some flowers and tra la!


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