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Boot fair upcycling

Tis the season of the boot fair, and as my little beasts had me up from 5am this morning we found ourselves trawling other peoples crazy junk at 6.30am as a means of getting out of the house and keeping everyone sane.  The little treasures that are to be found though, can't be beaten.  These are made from vintage trinkets salvaged from other peoples leftovers, that had seen better days, but with a bit of love and some modification they are now two of my favourite bits of jewellery I've ever made.   

I think tutorials might be a bit fussy, but to get the deer into a suitable shape only required a power drill and some fishing wire, (both can now be found at my Etsy shop) but I'd like to set you all the challenge of dragging yourselves to a boot fair/table sale next weekend, finding something that just needs a bit of love, and remaking it into something you just adore, then send me your pictures, no prizes but I'd love to see them! xxx


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