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flowers flowers everywhere

I wish I could be classy but I'm waaaaaay too kitsch, however, i have desperately tried this week to make something elegant and pretty and this is the result.  Not mind-blowing I know but pretty none the less, and they should at least blend in seamlessly with the rest of vintage colours on Etsy!


  1. Hey Girl! Loved your crochet so followed the link here from your Flickr - not in a 'stalker' way though, 'kay? Love your blog banner too, it's beautiful!

    Hope I'll see you about a bit. Clair :)

    (InceyWincey on Flickr)

  2. No stalker intention taken, I'm all new to this so impossibly excited to see you here! And I also stalked you to your blogs which I'm now following too...

    Happy stalking! Em x