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Crochet Enemy Anemone

Now if you haven't been forced to watch hours of Octonauts you'll probably not realise that this is actually an anemone (rather than a tea cake with spiky hair), however if you have, hopefully you will!   Pattern coming soon...

crochet enemy anemone, grrrr....


  1. Awww, super cute!! My 4 year old nephew can't get enough of the Octonauts. Apparently he's Captain Barnacles and I'm Dashii and we're forever rescuing stranded sea creatures...oh the fun ;)

  2. Not satisfied with the Cpt Barnacles and the Kwazii I've already made him, my little boy has now asked for a Dashii too, so undoubtedly you'll see that (and the pattern) pop up on here in the near future! xxx