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So the small beast is literally car mad, this is the first chance I've had to make him something that he actually wants.  If you want to make your own it literally is only 4 pieces - 2 of which are wheels, a car shape, a helmet and a window.  This one is made from an amazing 70's duvet...

So I'm always going to be addicted to crochet but I'm in a phase of going back to my childhood crush - vintage fabric scraps.  Obsessing over awesome patterns and appliqué possibilities right now. MANY pics to come but here's a hare and a hedgehog for starters xxx

So carrying on the crochet Indian headress theme, this one is bigger and bolder than the last and is TOTALLY going to be my winter hat.  I've got the big beast in it for the sake of etsy, then it's being whipped onto a basic beanie and it's grown-ups-are go!  I freaking love it!

So this is crochet Indian headress is legitimised as being 'one for the book' but is really a practise run for my next winter hat. Pattern typed up and on etsy when the winter wonder is finished xxx