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So this is the last installment (for now) of the sea creatures "crochet amigurumi octopus", onwards tomorrow with woolen weaponary and mythical hats - nice.

The patterns are all written up but I don't know if I'll have a chance to photograph them properly for Etsy before I have to give them to The Art Director for The Book.  You might just have to wait for The Book to get your hands on all the patterns... x

So week one is done and we're 5 patterns in, only 3 to go and they should be easys (famous last words).  Then it's just writing up - which is always WAY harder than I think it'll be cos I always leave something out assuming that I'll remember it and as yet I NEVER have.

At some point all of these should end up on Etsy, but I never seem to get round to that bit, weirdly the 10 minutes it takes to list something seems like far too much hard work after the 4-5 hours of making and writing a pattern, bonkers no?

So here are "amigurumi crochet oyster", "amigurumi crochet cuttle fish" and my fave applique so far: "applique crochet snow leopard" xxx

(I've got a 2 week deadline to get out 7 new patterns, can you tell?)  This chap is to go on second-born's jumper, he's still only little hence it's not a massive moose, he's still going to look totally cool!

Here we are then 'crochet moose applique' - and rather than going the lazy way of making 2 horns the same and just flipping one over, I've slightly psychotically gone to the lengths of working out the second in reverse...

So I've got 2 weeks til the book has to go to presentation, which means I have to come up with 7 new patterns.  That's some arthritic bleeding fingers then...

Twin has asked for a unicorn for her jumper, and as all of the patterns in Book are personal to me, it seems wholly right that this one is part of the collection.  I'm also including a wolf applique, which is for me, he is going to look awesome on a chunky knit jumper next winter.

So here for your preview are 'crochet unicorn applique' and 'crochet wolf applique' xxx

I have been absent forever it feels like; I haven't wanted to jinx things but am at the early stages of getting a book deal - of crochet patterns! EEP!  It's been super exciting but a lot of work so far, with 75 original patterns to conjour up it's going to be a lot more work if it comes off.  For now here are a few samples, but they'll all be for sale at my Etsy shop eventually.  (You'll have to excuse bland pics, and this crochet rabbit hat and crochet Rapunzel wig are just a tiny bit of the varied collection that's to come). x