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Another Witter & Stitch (and yes, I'm finally getting round to advertising it with more than a facebook post) and another lovely chance to chat to mums, friends, and wield a crochet hook.  As it was a Royal Wedding bank holiday I got to leave the boys with papa and play sans children which is a rare treat.  I know I owe you a loveheart pattern, but for now here are some lovely pics of last weeks Easter successes and the pretty palettes of a coming summer.

Have just rustled up a set of crochet red, white and blue bunting in honour of the Royal Wedding on friday.  I'm not patriotic but I do love a party!  For now they can be bagged by a lucky person on Etsy, but I will put the pattern up for them asap so that the lovely ladies of Witter & Stitch can get ready for fridays coffee and cake session.

This is relevant, I promise.  This amazing bag was entirely hand sewn with utter love by an amazing loveheart and given to me for Christmas.  It's from Cath Kidston's book 'Make' and is the most perfect wool bag, I now take it everywhere with me and couldn't live without it, and it's all the more precious as it came from someone so special.

I promised last week that I'd do a post dedicated to 'Mr & Mrs Doaks Bumper Bookstore' so here it is.  It's the most adorable little children's book shop in Hastings Old Town, with a cafe packed to the gills with Cath Kidson florals and pink milk, and a gorgeous selection of books, a whole world of craft kits, bakery books, delicious stationary, and yes, amigurumi books.  if you're ever in this part of the world it's a definite must.

This pattern can now be found at my Etsy Shop for a tiny $4 xxx

Crochet Pattern
Easter Basket, Egg  & Bunny


Witter & Stitch was lovely on friday, an old friend came and saved the day by doing the crochet teaching for me while my big beast ran off to the woods in the park and I gave chase.  We may have to change days to one where he's at nursery, I have in fact scoped a very lovely little cafe out that's in Hasting's Old Town, but I'll give them their own post next week as they deserve it!  For now here are some pics of some very successful flower making, and we're defo ready for Easter bunnies and baskets next week, keep your eyes peeled and I'll get the patterns up before friday.
To all you lovelies that are planning on coming to Witter & Stitch tomorrow morning (and anyone that just wants to know how to make a crochet flower), here's what I'm hoping to show you - that's if the children don't run off and can stop squealing for 20 mins!

Really simple (free) crochet flower pattern:

You will need:
any wool
Crochet needle (suitable for your wool thickness)

ch - chain
sc - single crochet
dc – double crochet
sl st – slip stitch

1. ch 5 – sl st to make loop
2. sc 10
3.  sl st in first loop then sc, dc, sc in next loop – repeat this 4 more times until you have 5 petals
4. weave in ends
I've been working on a pattern for a crochet deers head for a little while (in between Easter creations, a shawl, sea creatures and the secret monstrosity) and while browsing the internet somehow stumbled across this amazing creation by Shauna Richardson.  It puts my paltry attempts to shame and today she is my new craft god, I am not worthy!
Sorry for the silence, my littlest has been in hospital, but everything is back to normal now!  Although there was no chance fro any more promotion or prep we headed down to the park for the second Witter & Stitch this morning, ever hopeful and hurrah!  Three very lovely ladies with three very lovely girls came along.  My littlest squealed the whole time and my biggest ran off, and I had a real crash course in teaching, but we did a little and it was a start! 

I promise that for next week I'll be better prepared and would love to see you all again. I will also get posts on here with each sessions 'instructions' and links to anything useful.  Yay for new craft buddies and little creatures.