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Yay!  So excited by the lovely responses from the Charity Yarn Sale, that it has spurred me on to get some more woolly packs made, and listed, today.  If I'm honest I'd lost faith in the online community (I was much more wounded from being dropped from the CrochetGirlGang than I could have ever imagined), and embarking on a Masters was another way to find my tribe, and really try and make a difference.

Sharing this yarn with people, the incredible, positive response and the passion that others clearly share when it comes to thinking about how we can all work together to make a difference, has been incredibly affirming.  It is amazing that sharing something as simple as a love of yarn, can connect people in such a powerful way.

If you want to get a little preview of the new listings from today, here you are, or here :)  Remember that all the proceeds from these sales will go excusively to Friends of the Earth and funding my MA only.

Love to you all special creatures, here's to making a difference and the power of making xxx
Right, so most of you know that I have a slightly militant streak when it comes to pushing using your creative powers to save the world.  I always try and do it in a gentle way, and mostly it comes from trying to encourage people to make their own things (I truly think that by understanding just how long it takes to make a jumper, you're more likely to think twice about how Primani can make and sell one for £3.50).

In an effort to find a way to truly make a bit of a difference, last week I started a Masters in Sustainable Design.  I'm hoping to use the knowledge I've gained from crochet world, aswell as from my many past lives to help encourage and influence more people to think about creative ways to save the planet.

My first pit stop in this journey is a very, very simple one:  I'm have a mass charity sale of all of my yarn collection.  I'm incredibly lucky to do what I do, and invariably after writing a book, or completing a commission there's some woolly goodness left over.  I also have a slight addiction to buying yarn, so add it all together and it makes for one hefty stash.  I figured if I sell it off I can raise money for Friends of the Earth (this is a UK registered charity that helps support all sorts of organisations that are trying to create a more sustainable future) as well as help fund my MA.  All the proceeds will go only to these two 'causes'.  Here's a little taster...

So if you feel like helping the planet, as well as getting some lovely yarns and exclusive makes to boot, hit the 'shop' link in the sidebar there, and see if anything takes your fancy.