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There are already enough clothes in the world, fact! But rather than feeling overwhelmed by the global crisis this excellent book shows you positive ways to remake and refashion your clothes using crochet, and fall in love with your clothes all over again.

'Crochet Dress Up',  CICO publishers, 2015.

As a mum to two little monkeys I was forever looking for cool stuff to make for them to play with.  Frustrated by how horrible (not to mention unsustainable) all the polyester dress-up costumes on the market were, I started making my own.  This is a collection of dress-up costumes requested by my own little ones, so I can promise they'll be well worn and played with, and the best thing about them is they're soft, durable and you can make them with all the love you have.

'Big Hook Crochet', CICO publishers, 2015 

One day I came home from the yarn store with a super chunky, completely gorgeous ball of creamy yarn.  I used the biggest hooks I could find, but was still coming out with a super stiff, un-cosy finish.  My amazing hubby then stepped in, took one of my hooks, sawed the end off our kitchen broom and shut himself in the dining room for  a few hours.  When he came out there was sawdust everywhere, and in his paw, a beautiful , hand-carved, 25mm hook.

I tend to prefer functional to decorative things, so this collection features everything from baskets to bath mats, all made with with a 25mm hook.

35 Crocheted Bags, CICO Publishers, 2016

A great collection of patterns for beginners all the way up to seasoned cor-pro's!  There's some tapestry technique to get to grips with, some pretty, fancy fan stitches, big, bold, block stitches, or just good old fashioned simple crochet stitches.  Lots of bright colours and perfectly practical and great for throwing over your shoulder as you're running out of the door.


  1. It was a delight to meet you at Yarndale however briefly, Emma. Just having a look through your beautiful creations. Such talent! xx

  2. Thank you so much Alice! Next time we'll definitely have to get a cofffee and a chat xxx