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I have another addiction (aside from crochet).  Buttons. 
Vintage buttons. 
Glass vintage buttons to be precise. 
I love how each one belonged to a piece of clothing, and each piece of clothing belonged to a person, and that person had a whole life that you can only imagine.  This amazing hoard I found in a local thrift shop came from one ladies collection, and I couldn't stand to see her life split up and sold off in little pieces.  One day that will be my collection.  So I went crazy and bought every little bag and they can all stay together for a while longer.
(These are just a few, and apologies for the rubbish pics, only had phone to hand).

It is arctic here in the UK, and I just couldn't miss the opportunity to show everyone just how cosy it is in the store that I manage for creative genius Alastair Hendy.  It is an absolute joy to come in to work and get tucked in against the cold in this genuinely inspiring and gorgeous store.  Here are just a couple of pics, more can be found on flickr.

A G Hendy Home Store
36 High Street
Hastings Old Town
TN34 3ER
01424 447171
Open Wed-Sun 10 -5pm
The Bird One.  Again have made the challenge a little harder by only using things I've found in my bag (and the scanner at work), which is why it's not all glued down beautifully.  I love how resourceful it makes you  xxx

My lovely friend Lobster&Swan has set a challenge to dress & decorate a matchbox each day.  Today is the airmail one... xxx